Best Digital Marketing Strategies and Campaigns: SEO, SEM and SMM

Best Digital Marketing Strategies and Campaigns: SEO, SEM and SMM

Discover the best digital marketing strategies based on SEO, SEM and SMM, their characteristics, their differences and which is the best to apply today in your business to sell more and better on the Internet, whatever your size, whatever your business sector. Are you ready? Let’s go there!

If you are an entrepreneur, you will have launched a web page, as the centre of your business strategy, with the aim of positioning and promoting a product or service, and what happened? Along the way, you will realize that only some things are as easy as they paint them, right?

When you publish a new web page, you hope that success will come to you in a few days because your company is already on the Internet. But days, weeks, and even months go by, and that initial illusion gradually fades until it reaches the point where reality makes us see clearly that this will not happen, at least not as you expected.

In the search for tools that amend the illusion that we have created of the Internet, we arrive at digital marketing strategies, a resource we should have counted on from the beginning.

Digital marketing gives us the guidelines so that our adventure on the Internet is successful and profitable; Later, we will see that everything that is done on how to design web pages must have a meaning, a response time and a return rate, but before going into those details, let’s start with digital marketing strategies and their variants.

The first thing we must have, and I hope you already have, is your web page; that is the operations centre of our Internet business. Is it mandatory? Of course! It does not matter if you are a multinational or a small local company. Every Internet marketing professional knows from their experience that there is little to do if we do not have a web page from which our profile as a company, our product or service is detailed, and where the client can review and be up to date with our commercial offer.

What are the objectives and functions of my website?

Depending on the type of our company and the commercial sector where it is located, the objectives of our website could be:

  • Sell ​​our products through the web if we are talking about an online store that is, e-commerce.
  • Show and advertise our offer of products and services to our potential customers through their interaction with our helpful and quality content.
  • Obtain potential customers, known in English as leads, and they become consumers through our commercial actions.
  • Maintained contact with customers and potential consumers, using our website as a customer service centre.

Once the objectives of our business with the web have been established, we must know the critical analysis factors to analyze the web page so that it really brings benefits and a return on the investment that the realization of our web page has entailed. For all these reasons, our website must be:

  • Intuitive: The user must be able to interact with our website without complications, knowing what he wants at all times and how to achieve it. This is achieved by avoiding a series of errors when designing the website.
  • Responsive: The vast majority of web users connect through their mobile phones and tablets, and therefore, our website must have a responsive web design, easily navigable from mobile devices.
  • Useful: This feature is the most important because a web page’s compelling content and quality are crucial to meet the objectives set, and they must have a purpose.

Without realizing it, you are already making digital marketing strategies from the moment you create your website under these premises. You will see that in a short time, you will appreciate having taken the necessary time to set up a web page that your market and potential clients will consider valuable. The results will be short in coming!

The 3 best digital marketing strategies: SEO, SEM and SMM

SEO: make your website one of the first on Google

Talking about the visibility and publicity of your business on the Internet is going back to the web page; Remember that it is your business centre. We will study how your website can gain relevance among your potential customers through search engines.

The first digital marketing strategy tool we will discuss is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ), that is, the optimization of the web page for positioning in Google and other Internet search engines. In search engines.

You may be wondering if your website really needs it. The answer is clearly yes; All the pages that want a natural positioning and appear in search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo need SEO as a tool to achieve it and even have the services of an SEO and web positioning agency.

It would help if you remembered that web pages are positioned according to each keyword ( keyword ); that is, there is no absolute positioning of your web page. You cannot say, “this page has a good web positioning” in a definite way.

For example, your page may appear first for “web design agency in poland” but tenth for the search “web design studio in Spain”. In that case, does your website have a good web positioning? It depends; It will depend on your objectives in marketing your business. SEO works based on keywords, that is, the words that users enter when searching on engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

And here comes the big tip of the day! We must be intuitive when choosing the keywords we will use to optimize our web page. Currently, tools such as Google Keyword Planner or Google Trends give us statistics on which are the most popular keywords among web users, according to our business and commercial sector.

But SEO optimization in Internet search engines is not only based on keywords and web content; it also attends to technical aspects such as:

Website structure: This is why deciding on the SEO strategy before designing the website, together with your SEO and web positioning company, is essential.

Responsive design: Reasons are present, such as the fact that Google penalizes websites that are not adapted to mobile devices.

User experience on the web: The usability of the web is key to SEO since Google values ​​​​the user experience for positioning.

Website loading time: Loading speed is key in any SEO web design, although many designers need to remember it. Although some forget it, you should not!

Other considerations for a good optimization

Search engines like Google not only value the concurrency of keywords but the number of links to other web pages, which is why the work on the web page cannot be isolated; You cannot pretend to grow in this medium if you do not interact with the rest of the users on the web. 

With digital marketing strategies in Social Networks, you can gain links to your website and improve your position in web search engines. This is one of the critical strategies in what is known as off-page SEO.

Remember! SEO optimization for web positioning is a coordinated job where you must pay the same attention to the content that you pay to the technical aspects.

SEO marketing never rests. You will not do SEO for a week and get your website to be first in Google. Remember that just as you want to be the first at the Top of Google, many other companies in your same niche are considering being in the first place; they do SEO, and that generates competition.

SEM: Express conquest of Google

Let’s accept it; The idea of ​​working month after month optimizing a web page without seeing immediate results is not the most beautiful thing in the world. Many companies get desperate and look for alternatives that speed up appearing among the first in web search engines.

If this is our case, fortunately for us, there are ways to speed up the positioning of a web page in search engines, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Marketing and advertising in web search engines, known as SEM, is a beautiful alternative that involves the appearance of our website in the first places of the web search engine by paying for them through those “sponsored links” that appear before the organic results, through the right, in the web search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

The purchase system for these spaces, at least in the case of Google, either yourself or through a Google Ads advertising management company or Bing, is by auction; that is, whoever is willing to pay more for the space stays with the first place, the others remain with the following places, according to what each one of them has offered.

Again, keywords come into play; one buys spaces according to the keywords related to our business.

The most significant advantage that SEM has, compared to other digital marketing strategies such as SEO, is that you can appear first in a few hours when a user searches for something related to your product or service. In other words, when a user becomes a “potential client”, assuming that if a person searches for “web design studio in Barcelona”, it is because they are interested in hiring those services and, assuming that our website is attractive and valuable for that potential client, many contacts and sales will likely be generated.

SEM or SEO, which is better for your business?

It is worth comparing the two digital marketing strategies: SEO and SEM. It does not mean that the use of one precludes the use of the other.

The ideal is to carry out an SEM campaign as a short-term strategy since you will appear among the first in Google in a few hours, but at the same time, carry out an SEO campaign as a medium and long-term strategy to ensure that you are in the top positions. in the future without having to pay for each visit you get.

Remember that we must seek the optimization of our company’s resources. In this sense, we cannot maintain an unlimited budget for advertising on search engines. We should see it as an initial help so that your website gains visibility until SEO takes effect and visibility becomes free.

MMS; combining social media and marketing

Among others, marketing strategies in social networks are among the most used by new businesses in specific sectors and among those that generate the most expectations.

Social networks have become the objective of many companies for the positioning of their brand. But we must choose which social networks our business should be on and establish what we get from the use of social networks; I tell you in advance that social networks are more magical than you expect.

Social networks are not for selling

As I explained to you when we talked about marketing and advertising on Facebook, understand that users of social networks are not in “buy mode” and, therefore, promotional ads do not make any sense in that medium. Remember this golden rule of social media content:

There is a lot of talk about the quality content on social networks, but in short, you must share helpful information for your market segment. The content can range from advice to answers to the most frequently asked questions that your potential clients usually have.

When preparing our strategy in social networks according to the best days and hours, we must be clear that the main objective in this medium is that the user can count on us and that a relationship of trust between the parties is encouraged to later be able to offer our services.

In addition, social networks serve as a means to:

  1. Instant and constant interaction with the market.
  2. Platform to send traffic to our website.
  3. Obtain information on the needs, expectations and requirements of our potential customers.

Just as it happens when planning strategies in Internet web search engines, in social networks, our presence and marketing can also be accelerated with payment tools, creating ads that stand out from other offers. But once again, as in web search engines, all this must be well studied so that our actions and economic investment lead us to the expected results.

If you want to know more, I recommend you read another article discussing whether it is better to invest in Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

Well, this has only been a small introduction to this beautiful world full of opportunities for companies that use a digital marketing strategy that, used well, will help you a lot to achieve your business objectives.

For all these reasons, I would dare to affirm that digital marketing strategies are, in addition to being attractive, even addictive! And we can’t wait to talk about your project.

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