SEO Strategy: How to Improve the Positioning of your Website

SEO Strategy: How to Improve the Positioning of your Website

In an increasingly competitive world, where people want to find what they are looking for quickly and confidently, it is essential to appear at the top of Google and other search engines. And this happens by taking care of SEO

That is “Search Engine Optimization” or web positioning. It has been proven that a large part of users do not go to the second page of searches and that many are even reluctant to scroll down to results that do not appear at first glance.

For all this, achieving a position is essential for any web page, blog, and e-commerce. It is not enough to have a well-made and structured page, and it is not enough to have a comprehensive catalog of products because if all this is not related to a good SEO strategy, we will not achieve the expected results.

Take care of SEO to get traffic

Imagine that you sell men’s clothing and have a catalog on your website with photos of pants, shirts, shoes, and much more. The page works correctly; everything is well organized, and the purchase process is simple and intuitive. So far, everything is perfect, but you need to get the traffic you need to make your page profitable. 

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The reason likely is that you still need to implement an SEO strategy on your portal. That is, there are no texts with keywords on the ” landing pages, “there are no descriptions of each of the products, or you do not have a blog or a place on your page where you can talk about related topics that provide added value to users. And potential customers.

Google and its search robots

Google and the rest of the search engines have robots that enter each web page and assess what is there. They are already able to determine not only the density of keywords or where they are located, for example, in H1, H2, and H3 tags, but also look for and assess that there are synonyms and related lexical content. These are what are known as LSI keywords.

How to improve the positioning of your e-commerce

With these indications, you will achieve that your online store or web page is better positioned and has more traffic and a greater probability of increasing its income. However, there are other tips and tricks:

Link your products together. Thus, users will go from one to another, they will enter more sites, and they will be able to buy more.

Has your store optimized for mobile? More and more people access the Internet with their mobile phones and buy a lot.

Do not abuse keywords. As we said, you must also use synonyms and related content because otherwise, the search engines can even penalize us.

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