Types of Campaigns With a Conversion Objective on Linkedin

Types of Campaigns With a Conversion Objective on Linkedin

As we know by now, LinkedIn Ads is a platform that helps companies achieve their goals and reach their target audience through multiple campaign options.  

Advertising on platforms such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Linkedin is always based on objectives, which allow us to focus on the goals we want to achieve. That is why choosing the right one is one of the primary actions when creating a campaign.

In this case, on LinkedIn, objectives are focused on any moment the user is in the purchase process. Starting with brand recognition and ending with the conversion itself.

These are the different objectives that you can use in Linkedin campaigns.

In this platform, we find several options to establish different objectives.

Knowledge: As the name itself indicates. They are campaigns from the first phases of any funnel, based mainly on impressions.

Perception: They prompt the user to take action, such as visiting the website, watching a video, and even interacting with a post.

Conversion: These campaigns focus on lead generation and the ability to track conversions made by the user on the website (e.g. filling out a form).

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All of them are equally important when carrying out a strategy. In this case, we will focus on the “ conversion ” campaigns since they are the ones in which we get a specific action from the user, and we approach or achieve the final objective of the purchase process. 

Types of campaigns in Linkedin with conversion objective

Lead Generation

This type of campaign is ideal for you if your goal is to generate leads. 

The lead generation campaign attracts qualified leads on Linkedin through an ad with a contact form.

The campaign will be shown to those users who are most likely to fill out a form on Linkedin, taking into account the audience segmentation that has been profiled for the said campaign.

Ad Formats

These are the different ad formats that can be used for these campaigns. 

Conversions on the website

Do you want more downloads, requests, purchases or registrations on your website? 

This is the campaign! 

Its objective is to attract potential customers to your website and encourage the achievement of the desired objectives (for this, conversion tracking must be fully configured).

The campaign will be shown to those users who are most likely to carry out the objectives you have set, considering the defined audience.

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