How to Get Qualified Leads in the Facebook ADS Campaign

How to Get Qualified Leads in the Facebook ADS Campaign

When creating a campaign, whatever the channel, every company has one primary objective: to find the campaign’s profitability.

Since Facebook made changes to the IOs system, and with all the problems that data protection generated for this platform, many advertisers have found themselves with an increase in costs since we are having more and more problems optimizing our campaigns as audiences are concerned. 

To help us in this regard, Facebook has brought new updates that help us reach our target audience more precisely.

In this way, they have launched new forms. In them, we can now choose the “potential customer filtering” option, thus helping us to focus on the most qualified users. They have the most excellent possibilities of converting.

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Before delving into how these new forms can be activated, we will do a little review (it never hurts ☺) of the different leads we can find. It varies according to the moment of maturity they are and what advantages can come from dealing with a high-quality lead.

Difference between cold leads and hot leads

We understand by cold lead all the data the user leaves us when filling out a form without a clear intention to buy the service/product offered. And either because it is in the initial phase of the purchase cycle or because we have carried out a branding rather than a performance strategy, with the primary objective of publicizing the need that we could cover for this user.

On the other hand, we understand by hot lead all the data that the user leaves us with the explicit intention of finalizing the purchase. We will have clearly carried out a performance strategy to get this type of lead. Our main advertising intention will be to show the user how we can cover their needs and what competitive advantages we have compared to other competitors.

This last type of lead is the one that most interests every company. Why? Because if we have carried out a good marketing strategy and we have launched the correct type of advertising to this user, we will find ourselves before a qualified lead, with the probability that this will end up converting into a very high registration/sale

Advantages of qualified leads

  1. Qualifying qualified leads will help us focus on only those users who meet the requirements.
  2. By focusing on a lead that we already know has passed a specific previous cutoff, we can create a more detailed sales strategy with better qualifications according to the objectives established in the BANT.
  3. As it is a qualified lead, our percentage of conversion to sale will be increased.
  4. Suppose we deliver higher quality leads to the sales department. In that case, the relationship between this department and the marketing department will be more effective.
  5. It allows us to make more intelligent decisions since we can qualitatively and even quantitatively measure the prospects.
  6. Therefore, a qualified lead will be all the data left by the user, which is more likely to convert. This usually happens due to a good strategy by the company/agency in charge, mainly by carrying out an excellent inbound strategy, attracting the user with practical, relevant and valuable content for him. And so that, by the time you leave your lead, it has a high conversion rate, thus being beneficial for both the advertiser and the user.

Getting qualified leads will help us get better performance in our advertising. Thanks to this type of lead, we will get more “successful” information, which will help us reduce our CPL and increase our Lead/Additional conversion ratio, the main objective in any business strategy.

Thanks to the new forms recently added to Facebook Ads, we can get this type of lead more easily. But….

How is this new type of formwork?

Once we have the corresponding campaign created with its ad groups, segmentations and ads, we will proceed to complete a form in the usual way, filling in “form type”, “presentation”, and “privacy policy”.

The main change is found in the “questions” section. We will have to choose multiple options and activate the field “filtering potential customers.”

Thanks to this activation, we will be able to filter the responses of the users. And differentiating those answers that interest us in potential clients and those that do not affect non-potential clients.

Taking this measure, we will notice a reduced volume of leads served. Still, we will see an increase in the conversion percentage to sales since the quality of these will be much higher.

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