UX/UI Designs That Will Be a Trend in The Future

UX/UI Designs That Will Be a Trend in The Future

Technological advances make UX/UI designs evolve at the same pace. When we think about future web design, UX and UI trends, we discover the number of new things, innovations and revisions coming. 

Any well-informed professional should be at least concerned with deciding what to use and what knowledge to improve. Technologies, graphic styles, content, new languages, and many more factors will be present in web design and development discussions shortly.

The voice: an imminent challenge

Voice interactions are becoming more frequent. Little by little, users begin to feel comfortable talking to machines and entrusting them with the most common tasks of their day-to-day lives, whether talking with their mobile phones or with devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, which already inhabit the classrooms. A lot of families.

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Voice interactions between people and machines have been around for a long time. Still, there are a few factors that have caused the adoption of this technology to grow, and it promises to grow even more in the coming years:

Technologies such as NLP (Natural Language Processing) are making it easier for machines to understand user commands and are less prone to making mistakes.

A third of the world’s population is mobile and connected to the Internet.

As people gain confidence in using voice technologies, voice commands are increasingly relied upon to perform mundane tasks as computers are becoming better at understanding and ability to execute simple commands.

Designing 100% satisfactory user experiences will be a great challenge for designers in the coming years.

Simple and functional UX/UI designs

The design itself has simplicity as a handicap to pursue, so the future continues, more and more, seeking to design usable and straightforward sites for the user, with powerful functionality, but continuously optimized for mobile devices and totally focused on the experience.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are here to stay and to be the protagonists. As AI and machine learning continue to advance, we will start to see them enter web design, UX and UI trends in other, more advanced ways, so as designers, we should not overlook what’s new, as well as the use of tools that facilitate our work.

Professional social networks and the rise of microinteractions

Various social networks have made micro-interactions very popular. Users love being able to use and send various reactions to posts and private messages, from the traditional “likes” to the burst of animated hearts seen when sharing emojis and emoticons in private messages on Messenger. 

Facebook, for example: More recently, on the wall, it is possible to see various micro-interactions just by entering words like “Happy Birthday” in post updates. These elements allow the user to interact with other people without reloading the page and without wasting a lot of time. The speed of interaction is the key.

Design is one of the most critical phases, so considering future trends in UX and UI is a basis for creating successful projects.

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