How Much Does Your Company Save With a Specialized Support Service?

How Much Does Your Company Save With a Specialized Support Service?

Keeping a business updated with today’s digital demands can be incredibly expensive.

Managing an entire organisation’s internal IT management is a long-term, changing and sometimes unpredictable investment. With the speed with which technology evolves and the needs of companies and workers change, we are talking about huge costs that are impossible for small and medium-sized companies. 

And this often ends up becoming a great dilemma in which the organization must choose between updating its computer systems and equipment or facing financial difficulties.

Outsourcing computer services is one of the best tools for SMEs and many other companies to achieve the necessary digital update without facing economic difficulties.

In this article, we talk about those investments that a company does not need to make when outsourcing IT services.

We have specialized internal departments

One of the most significant financial advantages of outsourcing computer support is the savings related to hiring professionals. Getting the same coverage of services in your department entails multiple costs, much higher than external subcontracting.

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We must consider payroll and constant training to achieve a qualified team with the latest trends and technologies. Comparing technical knowledge with its preparation and diversity of specialists will always be much more expensive in the short and long term than the external support service.

Investment in infrastructure and technology

In the same way that hiring an in-house staff drives up costs, so does provide the infrastructure to do this work. The investment in computer equipment, systems, software and other possible requirements that may arise for each SME or organization will always be more significant if the latter must take care of everything on its own. 

We are not only talking about the purchase of equipment or materials but about the previous audit and study of needs and the installation and maintenance of all this.

When this service is outsourced, the company no longer needs such a complex infrastructure since its technological partner oversees most IT management. 

The external company bears the responsibility and obligation to keep its infrastructure and equipment always up-to-date and state-of-the-art, in addition to ensuring that of the SME itself.

Risk reduction

On this occasion, savings come from preventive maintenance. Having that IT partner who watches over the good digital health of the company prevents any threat from becoming an unaffordable expense. From preventing external attacks to maintaining the good health of all equipment and systems, incidents are resolved quickly and efficiently without entailing unpredictable and disproportionate costs.

When discussing risk, we should consider something other than outdated or unusable work equipment due to improper maintenance. Other significant risks include the loss of databases, confidential corporate documents or systems infected by viruses or malware, which generate immense losses.

More excellent adaptation to change

The speed at which technology changes and evolves exceeds, in the vast majority of cases, the capabilities of many companies to update. On too many occasions, companies ignore this factor, ignoring the risks their organizations run.

Achieving this agility to not only deal with technological innovations but to be able to take advantage of them is also transferred to the monetary field. Having a team of specialized technicians to monitor the state of the company’s computer systems will provide it with the ability to adapt to change at a much lower cost than if it had to do it alone.

And the costs?

We have discussed different critical situations where costs can skyrocket unpredictably, potentially generating fundamental budget imbalances for companies. Facing crises alone and correcting a problem will always be much more expensive than preventive management.

Although an outsourced service is an added cost for the company, it is a cost proportional to its needs, variable according to the contracted functions, and, above all, a cost that generates significant savings if it avoids major problems.


In addition to economic savings, one of the main advantages of contracting an outsourced support service is the ability that the SME or company gains to reorganize its investments. Both in time and effort of the team, as well as economically. The organization will have more resources to dedicate to more relevant areas of its business and critical activities, ignoring all computer problems that may arise in the future.

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