Should Your Company Have an Official Website?

Should Your Company Have an Official Website?

Once your business has a website, the job still needs to be completed. You still must build your online reputation and mark your space on the net. A perfect way to do this is through a blog incorporated into your site. 

As you’ll see from the reasons below, the real question should be, why shouldn’t you have a blog? The advantages are much more than the disadvantages if there are any. Read on to see what are the benefits of having an official website.

Blogging is free

If you already have a website (let’s assume you do since you wouldn’t be reading this post otherwise), setting up a blog section is very easy, and most importantly, it’s free. Sure, it will take time and effort, but if you establish a plan of action and determine your best publishing schedule early on, you should be fine.

If you could produce a blog article daily, go ahead. Once a week seems more feasible, then work towards that goal. Will you only manage to publish one entry a month? This is also perfectly acceptable unless you stick to your schedule and post when you commit.

Give your company a voice

By blogging, you can help your business find its voice. You can identify your target audience through your posts – who is looking for your services? Who is interested in this topic? As such, write articles specifically geared towards them and their tastes while maintaining a consistent tone of voice to attract them to your page and make them become frequent users.

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Of course, understanding which topics and ideas your target customers are most interested in takes time and will require monitoring and analyzing dozens of articles to establish a pattern. However, the investment of effort will be worth it, and it will be worth it even more if you always manage to maintain the same tone of voice.

Consistency breeds familiarity, which around builds trust. It’s much easier to sell if the customer trusts you, so why not take advantage of that?

Keep your clientele informed

A blog is a beautiful way to keep your customers in the loop. Blogging lets, you know about any contests or promotions they might be interested in or alert them to a change you plan to make to your business that might affect how they use your service.

However, it is essential to remember that your blog should be something other than a vehicle that sells or swallows your offers and services. Your readers will soon get bored of the constant self-advertising and disconnected from your website. Offer varied and relevant content, including self-promotion from time to time, but stay moderate.

Become an authority in the area

Another significant advantage of blogging regularly is that it allows you to demonstrate your knowledge in your specific area. As an entrepreneur, you have a wealth of information about your particular industry. So why not share that information with your customers? Spreading your knowledge will leave your audience with the impression that you know your stuff, making it more likely that they will buy your services in the future.

Blogging helps your positioning

Today thousands of active websites correspond to even the unknown niches in the market. It is tough to ensure that your public finds you on that many pages. Maintaining a regular blog is an excellent way to position yourself above competitors and mark your space on the Internet.

Think about it: what do you do when looking for something? Unless your keys are what you’re looking for, you will Google them. Suppose you have a blog that you publish regularly and is full of your industry keywords. 

In that case, you are increasing your company’s digital footprint, which means that when someone searches online for those keywords, there is a greater chance that they will find your blog or your website appears in the list of results, and therefore more people reach your page.

So there you have it; your company should have a blog. What are you waiting for? Ask your web designer how to add a blog to your page, or consult our web design specialists today. Ahead!

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