How Twitch Ads Help to Boost Your Brand

How Twitch Ads Help to Boost Your Brand

In the world of digital marketing, advertising strategies are constantly evolving. One platform that has emerged as a powerhouse in this area is Twitch. Primarily recognized as a live streaming platform for gamers, Twitch has diversified its features and now offers a unique opportunity for brands: Twitch Ads. 

In this post, we will explore in depth how Twitch Ads can be leveraged to improve the visibility and reach of your business.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a live-streaming platform launched in June 2011, initially focused on live-streaming video games and building a community of gamers. However, over time, it has evolved and expanded its focus to include diverse live content, allowing it to reach a broader and more varied audience.

And then, what are Twitch Ads?

Twitch Ads appear throughout live streams and on the platform’s website. These advertisements may arise before or during broadcasts.

If they appear before the broadcasts, they are of the “pre-roll” type, or if they occur during the broadcasts as “mid-roll” advertising breaks. In the latter case, it depends on the streamer.

Twitch offers media, native site integrations, brand partnerships, and sponsorships to connect with millions of streaming audiences. The ability to display ads in this unique environment allows brands to reach a highly engaged audience.

Are Twitch Ads Effective?

Twitch reaches a global audience, with users connecting from more than 230 countries made up primarily of Generation Z and adult millennials.

From all Twitch users:

  • 64% buy products recommended by influencers
  • 56% of users tend to buy brands they see advertised. 
  • You may think that this is only about games, but that is not the case; content about beauty, music, food, drinks, and art has a lot of interest from viewers. So much so that in the last 3 years, content not directly related to games has multiplied by four.

Types of Twitch Ads

Twitch offers several ad formats to suit different marketing objectives to engage your audience with high-impact creative display designs and ads integrated directly into live streams.

Home Page Carousel: These ads promote content in the center of the home page in a rotating carousel space.

Home Page Headline – Maintains brand visibility. It can scale seamlessly with different resolutions and screen sizes without the risk of branding being compromised.

Medium Rectangle: The medium rectangular ad unit keeps viewers engaged as they scroll and explore the content. 

Stream Display Ad: These ads allow you to organically integrate your brand messaging alongside live streams to connect with highly engaged viewers. This location supports animation but not video.

Streamable – These ads expand the audience of the live stream. Streaming generates more simultaneous views and a more engaged audience. Once they have opted in, the viewer will see 30 seconds of a non-skippable live stream.

Video Ads in Live Streams: These ads play during commercial breaks in live streams. They are a great way to reach an engaged audience, as viewers are highly engaged with the content.

First Impression Acquisition: These ads appear on the Twitch home page and can make a significant impact by capturing users’ attention from the moment they enter the site.

Video On Demand Ads: These ads play at the beginning of the videos on demand that users can watch on Twitch. They are ideal for those who want to promote content more extensively.

Benefits of Using Twitch Ads

Precise Reach: Twitch allows brands to reach specific audiences based on their viewing preferences and behaviors. This is essential to properly segment your audience and increase the relevance of your ads.

Greater Engagement: Twitch’s live, interactive nature creates a unique connection between streamers and viewers. By leveraging this interaction, advertisers can increase engagement and retention of advertising messages.

Creative Format: Twitch Ads encourage creativity in the presentation of ads. From video ads in live streams to overlays, brands can experiment with different ways to present their content.Detailed Metrics: Twitch provides detailed metrics that allow brands to evaluate the performance of their ads. This includes impressions, clicks, and view duration data, providing deep insight into campaign impact.

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