The Best Horror Video Games to Have Fun

The Best Horror Video Games to Have Fun

Many prefer to celebrate it by playing horror video games online in the solitude of their room. And to these last ones, we will dedicate our blog post today. Today we bring you the best horror games. 

They say that the horror genre is living a second youth, which allows us to enjoy dozens of terrifying experiences. And since we want the list to be long (so that you have a choice), we will start now. The titles we have selected are from today, and always, so you will find the most diverse games. Shall we start?

The best video games to have fun 

Dark, scatological, unique, and different. It causes mixed feelings in many players. It is so graphic that some users may find it annoying. It integrates many puzzles and gives few clues about the steps to follow, so your imagination is your best weapon. And if you are able, do not stop investigating the environment…

The Medium

Simple, with an attractive setting, and handling complex concepts with elegance. The mystery is assured.

Evil Dead: The Game

Four humans have to send the demon back to hell using the Necronomicon. An asymmetric multiplayer game that will make your life a great experience.

Martha is dead

If you are too apprehensive, we recommend you not play it since fear can take over you on more than one occasion. Scenes of suicide, self-mutilation… psychological terror are served.

Silent Hill 2

Although the saga is well known by video game players, this may be the one with the most scares. The story stars James Sunderland, who returns to his town after receiving a letter from his dead wife.

The Evil Within 2

It is a survival horror game developed by Tango Gameworks. It has shocking scenes and spectacular design, and you can face terrifying creatures with different weapons. Sebasti√°n Castellanos, the game’s protagonist, can also resort to stealth to advance the story.

Amnesia: Rebirth

If you want to play a spooky story and dare to do it alone, we recommend Amnesia Rebirth, as it is exclusively a single-player title. In the game, a girl desperately seeks to find her friends in the darkness of caves and gloomy tombs. Of course, there are no combats. You have to know how to run and hide well…

Outlast II

If you are looking for lists of horror video games, this one will appear in all of them. It’s your turn to investigate some evidence concerning the murder of a pregnant woman. Terrifying surprises await you (if you dare).

Dead space

Another classic on the charts. You will be an exceptional soldier, Isaac Clarke, who is on the USG Ishimura space extractor and will have to face different aliens. At the same time, he navigates a ship full of enemies.

The Quarry

Try to control nine teenagers, and depending on your decisions, you will have one end or another. Do you kill or save?

Ravenous Devils

A serial killer tailor, a cook who appreciates human flesh “too much,” the London of the s. XIX has a lot of black humor… The rest, you will have to live it yourself.

Layers of Fear

Psychological terror. You control a psychologically disturbed painter trying to complete his excellent work as he makes his way through a Victorian mansion that harbors disturbing secrets about itself.

Siren: Blood Curse

The game follows a group of characters somehow connected to each other as they try to survive in the cursed village of Hanuda. It’s been around for a while (it was born in 2008 for PlayStation 3), but if you can experience it, do it!


You will play detective Daniel Lazarski who will have to investigate a suspicious message from his son. Daniel has the gift of invading the minds of suspects.

The Forest

We have likely mentioned it on occasion since it is popular. It is a first-person action and survival game. You will assume the role of the only survivor of a plane crash, looking for his son Timmy Leblanc, trapped on an island full of cannibalistic mutants.

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