How to Create Your Avatar on WhatsApp

How to Create Your Avatar on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is not to evolve. In recent weeks, the application owned by Meta, which has 2,000 million users worldwide, has added new tools, such as Communities or the possibility of creating virtual avatars. The two novelties are already available to the bulk of iOS and Android users through an update of the ‘app’.

How they work

As WhatsApp has indicated on its blog, users can create their own personalized avatar using a wide variety of features that allow the combination of “various hairstyles, facial features, and clothing.”

Once the avatar is configured, 36 ‘stickers’ of it will be generated, which reflect different emotions and actions (smiling, clapping, blowing a kiss, etc.). These can be sent to both individual and group chats.

The avatar can also be used as a profile picture of the platform since it simulates a digital version of the user. In addition, WhatsApp has stressed that it will continue to include style updates, such as lighting, shadows, and hairstyle textures, to improve the avatar.

As has been announced with great fanfare in recent months, Meta is betting heavily on creating the metaverse, a new virtual world in which users are expected to interact through avatars. That is why it is common for social networks of the Zuckerberg conglomerate, such as Instagram and now WhatsApp, to allow Internet users to create their own.

Step by Step

To create an avatar in WhatsApp, the user must enter the application and go to the ‘Settings’ or ‘Configuration’ options. Inside, you will find the ‘Avatar’ option. Once there, the whole process is extremely intuitive.

After clicking on the option ‘Create your avatar’, you can get down to work. Specifically, you will choose the skin colour, the type of hairstyle, the clothes or the complexion. You can also add accessories such as hats, glasses or piercings.

After editing the avatar, the user can save it to share it as a ‘sticker’ in conversations with their contacts, similar to what could be done on iPhones with ’emoji ‘. WhatsApp also allows you to use the avatar as an account profile image.

Currently, the application only allows one avatar to be configured per account. However, the user can always modify the one already created. You can even delete it if you don’t like the result and start over from scratch.

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