Virtualization Solutions: Which is the Right One for your Business

Virtualization Solutions: Which is the Right One for your Business

Virtualization solutions allow the optimization of technological and computing resources of companies. They increase flexibility and enable mobility thanks to high availability since they allow the provision of software and hardware resources in a non-dependent manner (which means much more efficient management of resources). 

In addition, they improve the security of the systems and data protection, making it possible to quickly recover information in the event of a physical disaster, computer attack or human error by restoring the techniques to any previous point. And last but not least, it allows you to save expenses, a headache for any business.

However, the virtualization offer is different. Still, there is a wide variety of alternatives for virtualizing environments, servers, desktops or applications since several developers and brands market the different types of virtualization products.

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This comprehensive offer allows a technology partner like Enetic to have access to a large number of virtualization alternatives. In this way, we can design and build the most appropriate technological environment in each case since there are numerous possibilities available in our portfolio of virtualization solutions.

But then, if there are so many options…

What are the virtualization solutions available in the technology market?

We insist that there are many options. In this case, we are referring to those that today are a market benchmark due to their reputation, reliability and efficiency.

VMware: One of its most outstanding products is application virtualization, thanks to which a company can get the most out of its hardware without compromising the daily performance of its applications. It has among its characteristics the mobility of the applications, and in case of migration to other servers, the task can be carried out quickly.

Nutanix: It is a cloud software solution that offers hyper-converged virtualized infrastructure. It is a solution widely used in leading data centres worldwide since it allows you to deploy all types of applications quickly and can scale them without limit.

Citrix: Its leading solution is desktop virtualization, which allows employees to work from anywhere as if they were in front of the office computer, with full access to information, data and everything necessary for their daily performance.

Hyper v: Microsoft’s enterprise virtualization solution. It is integrated with the Windows OS, which allows better use of resources, both hardware and software, and has fewer incompatibilities.

These and other virtualization solutions are the answer to many of the problems and challenges companies face today, which in no way can ignore digitization.

At this point, faced with such a varied range of alternatives, the dilemma is apparent.

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