Best Photo Editing Apps in 2023 for iOS/Android

Best Photo Editing Apps in 2023 for iOS/Android

Do you need a free photo editing app? Photo editing is an essential skill for capturing attention. A free photo editing app can help you. The exercise is increasingly difficult, particularly in the age of social networks, where attention spans are reduced to eight seconds. You may use the best hashtags on Instagram. Still, if your photo doesn’t attract attention, you’re not going to generate likes or engagement.

A free photo editing app or photo editing app might just save the day. Suppose you prefer to do your editing on your computer. In that case, you can discover our particular article on photo editing software and online tools.

Because there’s nothing like a beautiful image to appeal to a potential customer if you’re launching your online store yourself. This is why visual marketing is a discipline in its own right. And with competition being fierce, it’s better to put all the chances on your side, using a free photo editing tool or an online photo editor. 

Editing a photo online can boost the quality of your images to a sometimes professional level. Some photo editing apps and software take the features of the most powerful photo editing software and help you restructure and modify your photo entirely online. Others are dedicated to photo editing or photo collage.

But which free photo editing application to use? What is the best free photo editing app? How to make a free and easy photo montage? And what free photo editing application is available on mobile?

There are many free photo editing apps online, but also a wide selection of free photo editing apps. 

All that remains is to test and choose from the best free photo editing apps listed for you in this article with all the valuable information!

1. Snapseed, a free and precise photo editing application

Free photo editing app available on iOS and Android | Free

Best for: Advanced photo editing on a smartphone.

With plenty of features and an intuitive interface, Google’s Snapseed rivals the best online photo editing software, such as Photoshop.

As you would expect, this free online photo montage and photo editor app feature a selection of pre-edited filters. However, you can modify these filters and even create your own entirely to edit a photo.

It also offers all the classic tools of a photo editing application: cropping, straightening, frames, text, stickers, etc. As for the sharpening tool, it allows you to retouch a photo and refine the image without giving it that unwelcome grainy appearance. 

The Snapseed photo editing application also includes a precision mask, which allows you to adjust the depth of field. A technique popular with photographers is to obtain this blurred effect in the background.

A selective adjustment tool also gives you the ability to isolate part of the image to correct it.

Finally, this free photo editing app saves your editing history so you can resume your work at any time.

2. VSCO, a good photo editing app for filters

Free photo editing app available on iOS and Android | Free

Best for: Beautiful, classic filters.

Just like Instagram, VSCO photo editor combines a camera, a free photo editing tool, and an online community. That said, its success is due to its filters, which make it one of the best free photo editing apps.

It offers a vast selection, each more aesthetic than the last. These give your images an exquisite film look compared to some of Instagram’s over-processed filters. Editing a photo has always been challenging! 

Each of the VSCO filters is editable via a simple slider. 

You, of course, have access to all the essential tools of free online photo editing software: cropping, decorative framing, or stickers. You can also adjust exposure, contrast, temperature, and skin tones. 

Once your photo has been edited, you can share it with the VSCO community or on another social network like… Instagram!

3. Prisma photo editing application to transform your photos into works of art

Photo editing application available on iOS and Android | Free

Ideal for transforming your photos into paintings or drawings.

This type of effect is not unanimous. However, Prisma is worth testing, and you might be surprised. This really makes it easy to do free and easy online photo editing. But it’s also so beautiful that you can share it on your feed! And why not use this application to highlight your product niche market from a different angle if you are an e-commerce entrepreneur? 

This free photo editing app uses an artificial neural network (it’s a little blurry for us, too). This “allows users to take photos that look like they were taken by Picasso, Munch, or even Salvator Dali himself.” Just that.

The app offers a generous selection of filters, but you can get other paid options to edit a photo the way you want.

Like Instagram, Prisma has its own community. Once your photo is edited, you can share it on the Prisma feed, save it to your phone, share it on any social network, or send it by email or instant messaging.

4. Adobe Photoshop Express: Editor, Photoshop online photo editing

Free photo editing app available on iOS and Android 

Ideal for: People familiar with Photoshop, a free and complete photo editing tool.

Adobe Photoshop Express: Editor includes most of Photoshop’s best editing tools. Photoshop online editing features are brought together in this free photo editing application for iPhone and Android. Despite its complexity, it is easy to use on a small screen. As such, it is clearly one of the best free photo editing software! We could even say that it is free and professional image editing software.

Simply upload a photo from your device, take a new one, or use an image taken from Adobe’s Creative Cloud. You can then give free rein to your creativity and completely retouch a photo. It’s a very complete photo editing software, but it can be a little tricky to use if you don’t know Photoshop at all. 

The photo editing app has all the features expected for this online photo editing software: cropping, red eye correction, brightness, contrast, saturation, filters, frames, etc.

However, the interest lies in the selection of smart filters that help to better edit a photo online. They automatically correct common issues such as color temperature or exposure concerns. Although a free photo editing app, Adobe Photoshop Express requires an Adobe user account.

When you’ve finished editing a photo, please save it to your mobile or share it on other marketing or social apps.

5. Foodie – Camera, the free photo editing app for Instagrammable dishes

Particular good food photo editing app available on iOS and Android | Free

Ideal for improving your food photos.

Who has never shared the contents of their plate on the networks? Foodie photo editor takes advantage of this somewhat sinful foodporn trend and helps us make at least something presentable out of it.

This photo editing application is quite similar to Instagram, but the thirty available filters have been optimized for gastronomic photography. 

It also allows you to take vertical photos of your dishes and brings out vibrant colors.

In short, if you like photographing your meals, you need this free photo montage application.

6. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC, a free photo editing application for professionals

Free online photo editing available on iOS and Android | Free

It is ideal for professionals wishing to retouch a photo and make quick but quality adjustments.

If you want to play in the big leagues, try Adobe Lightroom CC, which is considered by many to be one of the best free photo editing applications.

This photo editing application is the mobile version of the famous software and gives you access to its professional tools. It also works with RAW formats, a high-resolution image format popular with photographers.

By allowing Photoshop online photo editing, this photo editing software provides a selection of advanced adjustment tools in the form of sliders. You will be able to control the light, details, color, distortion, and grain of your photos. You must already know the basics of editing a photo like a pro in order to best use the features of this photo editing application.

If you decide to sign up for Adobe’s Creative Cloud, you’ll get additional features. These include Adobe Sensei, an artificial intelligence system that tags your images based on their content.

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