Advantages of Hosting an Online Store on a VPS

Advantages of Hosting an Online Store on a VPS

Ecommerce websites often need to look at other hosting options like virtual servers or VPS. The reasons are many, ranging from security, performance and reliability. Below we will tell you why hosting an online store on a VPS or virtual server is often more convenient.

Unlimited resources

Ecommerce websites typically have many images, brochures, videos, and other elements, so the last thing you want is to be limited in how much storage space you’ll have. There may be web hosting plans or shared hosting with ample space, but you should also consider the possibility of transfer that the plan gives you.

Images and videos need more transfer, and once your site gets a hundred hits, you can tell the difference between having your site on shared hosting and having it on a VPS.


Security is one of the most important reasons to prefer a virtual server when you have an online store. Security is much higher on a VPS server. On shared hosting, a website’s vulnerability can make your website an easier target to attack.

Better performance

Many studies in recent years show that the speed and performance of a website can have a positive or negative impact on the purchasing behavior of its users. To give you a simple example, it is estimated that 40% of online shoppers abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

To achieve that kind of performance, you need an optimized website running on a VPS and a good hosting provider.

Prepare for success

Even if your store is new and you still need a significant sales figure, you should still be set up for success. At some point, the traffic will grow, the sales will increase, and a service migration can be an extra complication when you have so many visitors. If your business has potential, starting with a VPSm is a good decision. You can start with a simple virtual server and add resources as needed.

You will have your own IP

A server with your IP will keep you from the risks of blocklisting and blocking. The reputation of your business is significant, and you must take all measures to protect it from any threat.

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