How to Avoid Reaching the Limit of Space in Your Hosting?

How to Avoid Reaching the Limit of Space in Your Hosting?

Hosting is a space where the necessary contents (images, emails, databases…) are stored so that our website and mail are accessible to any user on the Internet.

How to save space in your hosting?

Sometimes, our website occupies more space than we have contracted. To avoid exceeding these limits, there are two options:

  1. Delete or download what we do not use.
  2. Hire more space

If you choose to free up space on your hosting, the first thing to do is find out where that extra GB is. If you’ve gotten this far, we’ve likely sent you a detailed report on your website’s storage, or you can download it from your separate access to the control panel. In this, you can see how much occupies your website and your email accounts.

Web space

If you have an online store or the activity of your company requires having many images on your website, you must consider their size and weight. With a weight of between 200-300 Mb, it will be enough to have the necessary quality and optimize your hosting space.

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In addition, you must delete those images or resources you do not use. There are specific plugins, both to eliminate what is not used and to resize all the images on the web in a simple way: contact us.

Mail space

The mail service is one of the services that usually takes up the most storage. The idea is to eliminate all those emails we are not interested in saving. Still, sometimes, even so, it becomes very difficult or practically impossible not to exceed the GB contracted. In this case, we recommend configuring the accounts in an email client that allows you to store emails locally or in the cloud, such as Gmail or Outlook. Below you will find the tutorials to configure your account according to your preferences:

  • For cloud storage: Gmail and Android
  • For local storage: Outlook

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