Bing AI Chat and Bing Image Creator are Now Open to Everyone

Bing AI Chat and Bing Image Creator are Now Open to Everyone

Microsoft has announced that access to Bing AI is no longer tied to a waitlist and is now open to anyone. It is also starting to add new features.

Log in to the new Bing or the appropriate Edge section with your Microsoft account to use the Microsoft search engine chatbot. However, we remind you that Bing AI can only be used through Edge and not, for example, with Firefox or any other browser. Alternatively, you can chat with the AI ​​through the Bing mobile app.

Leveraging this global openness, Microsoft has added other features to Bing Chat (and beyond) that will be rolled out progressively, including image and video results, the new Bing and Edge Actions feature, persistent chat and history, plug-ins, and Bing Image Creator, which now understands Italian.

Images and videos in the answers

For a pure and simple search, Microsoft is integrating Bing chat responses with images, charts, and diagrams, as well as updated formatting that blends text and images.

History as in ChatGPT

Bing AI will have the possibility to resume the chat where it left off and return to previous chats thanks to the implementation of history, as already happens on ChatGPT, for example.

Ask the AI ​​to watch a movie

Within Edge, the chat will soon have improved summarization capability for long documents, including PDFs and websites. Inside Edge will be integrated Actions with which it will be possible to complete more tasks with fewer steps. Microsoft gives the example of playing a movie on a streaming platform you signed up for from a chat request.

Plug-ins for Bing Chat will offer solutions to specific needs

Bing chat plug-ins will soon be introduced, through which it will be possible to directly book a table at a restaurant (Microsoft gives the example of OpenTable) or get complicated mathematical answers thanks to Wolfram Alpha’s plug-in.

Bing Image Creator understands us

Bing Image Creator, which recently gained integration into Bing Chat, now understands Italian.

However, Bing Image Creator has a site of its own and is a text-to-image model, which then transforms the textual description of the same provided by the user into an image.

Until now, like other similar models, the text prompt of the image had to be written in English, but with the new update now, Bing Image Creator accepts texts in Italian.

In fact, we asked him in Italian to create the image of a snake eating a banana; the result is what you see in the attached image. Images from Bing Image Creator cannot be used for commercial purposes now.

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