What SEO Steps to Carry Out During Periods of Low Activity?

What SEO Steps to Carry Out During Periods of Low Activity?

This a situation of low activity for many businesses, based on the fact that consumers prioritize essential services and products, of first necessity, before others when making their purchases.

In this situation, one can fall into the error of thinking that, given the containment of consumption, all investment in positioning in search engines or SEO must be paralyzed. However, in the vast majority of businesses, it is best to take the opportunity to devote efforts to SEO positioning. In addition, this situation can lead to increased sales in many cases. By promoting SEO, we are able not only to maintain an adequate positioning in scenarios of containment of consumption but, in addition, we will have a lot of gains when it comes to resuming economic activity.

It is time to consolidate your SEO strategy

In scenarios such as the current coronavirus crisis and situations of low activity in your business in general – due to seasonal demands or the very nature of the sector – the transformation of consumption habits by the vast majority of the population is evident. In these cases, SEO optimization becomes essential to maintain and ensure positioning.

This is the key moment to maintain the course taken and address those SEO strategies and tasks that characterize your business, given the correct preparation to resume regular economic activity.

The importance of the long term in SEO

So, should SEO strategies be promoted during low activity in my business? The answer is absolutely yes. The foundation of this is found in the very nature of SEO.

SEO is a long-term strategy; that is, the effects or results of its implementation are appreciated after an extended period, in which the constant review and optimization of the content to be positioned becomes extremely important.

In this way, paralyzing the investment in SEO in situations of less activity would be a mistake since the economy’s current situation does not condition the online positioning that we achieve in the future.

What SEO actions to carry out during periods of low activity?

Having clarified the importance of keeping SEO strategies active as an investment for the future, we present a combination of SEO strategies on which to focus effort during times of less activity.

Spend time on web analytics

A scenario like the one described allows us to analyze, review and look at how our e-commerce is doing today and what we want for it in the future. This greater availability of time is essential to invest in web analytics. The analysis of your website will allow you to establish and coordinate multiple actions and decisions for the coming months.

Analyzing the current performance of the contents of your website or e-commerce is essential to reinforce current and future SEO positioning. The analysis and diagnosis of current positioning, traffic, and conversions will allow strategic decisions to be made for the future.

In this way, you will know what content is generating the most interest at the moment, optimize it accordingly, and promote those that will be useful in the future.

Take advantage of the opportunity to make a competitive difference by valuing and optimizing marketing actions; It’s time for analytics.

Generate new content

It is vital to continue generating content during periods of crisis or less activity since content marketing directly influences SEO. Thus, the constant updating of the contents of your e-commerce will reinforce and enhance your website, avoiding the loss or deterioration of the positioning obtained.

This is the time to put the results of web analytics into practice. Have we detected content to enhance or optimize? It is the opportunity to do it.

It is ideal for maintaining a routine of creating new content. In this sense, the generation of evergreen content is critical. This type of content adds value in any situation; since its nature does not expire, it maintains brand positioning.

It is also essential to take advantage of this time to create content to launch in the future, such as blog posts or new product categories to launch. It will save you time later and give you a competitive advantage.

Take the opportunity to learn more about your customers

Knowing your customers well is the key to success. In their purchasing behavior, as well as in their preferences and tastes, lies the secret that will lead us to make the right decisions. Therefore, taking advantage of this situation is a success to get to know them better.

It is time to ask yourself what we know about our customers, why they buy our products, what trends they follow, and even from which devices they access our e-commerce. There may be essential factors or information to consider when setting new objectives or making new decisions in the future, so taking advantage of times of less activity to study our clients better is an investment for the future.

Please take the opportunity to undertake actions that strengthen the relationship with your customers and be able to retain them. Remember that the goal is to meet customer expectations, so you must have complete and quality information.

Adjust and optimize the performance of your website (WPO)

During this time, It is recommended that you conduct an exhaustive analysis of the performance of your e-commerce since a correct optimization of the WPO will directly influence the SEO positioning of your website.

If you’ve experienced web page slowdowns, speed issues, or general loading issues, it’s time to tune up and optimize performance. Whether it is to boost your website at a time of more sales or to resume e-commerce activity later, consumers must find a fluid website that improves the user experience.

Remember that the key to the WPO is to perfect and improve the ability of our e-commerce to display its content – ​​categories, products, sections… – in the shortest possible time. For this, it will be necessary to establish server speed tests, optimize the code, and review and adjust the size of images and videos. Take advantage of this opportunity to resume normality in the best conditions.

Prepare your e-commerce to resume activity

As we have mentioned, both in the current COVID-19 pandemic and in scenarios of low activity, it is essential to continue and reinforce SEO actions to improve our positioning in search results.

Whether it is due to the seasonal demand for your products, special economic situations, or the arrival of specific dates, there may be times of low activity in your business. An erroneous approach can lead to losing positioning opportunities for your e-commerce. Whether this scenario provides you with a significant increase in sales or keeps your business in a period of low activity, it is essential to continue working on positioning and visibility.

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