Privacy Tools For Instagram Users to Share What They Want

Privacy Tools For Instagram Users to Share What They Want

Privacy on social networks is becoming increasingly important. Instagram has developed several tools to help users manage their online privacy and security. From creating private accounts to introducing the “Flipside” feature and different levels of privacy settings, Instagram offers several ways to protect your content from unwanted eyes and comments.

This article will explore how you can safely share more personal content.

Switch to private account mode, the first line of defence

Instagram’s most basic and essential privacy tool is setting your account as private. By doing so, only people you approve of can follow you and see your posts. This is ideal for those who want to share moments only with friends and family or keep their content away from strangers.

Instagram Flipside, the new ‘finsta’

Instagram has realized the importance of using secondary accounts when creating and uploading content. For this reason, testing the Flipside profile has begun, a ‘B side’ within your profile without creating a new one.

With Flipside, users can share content that won’t appear in their main feed, visible only to a pre-selected audience. This feature seeks to encourage authenticity and provide greater control over privacy. As you can see, it is very similar to what they already do with secondary accounts.

Although still in testing, Flipside represents a bold step towards a more personalized experience on Instagram, transforming the dynamics of content sharing.

Best friend lists

Best friends lists are one more way to share the content you want only with the people you’re interested in sharing it, creating a safe environment for personal expression. You can use these lists to share stories, feed posts, and reels exclusively with selected people, ensuring that only your closest friends can see them.

This significantly improves privacy on Instagram, allowing you to control who sees what. This is ideal for sharing intimate or sensitive moments without exposing them to the general public.

Private group profiles

One more step is to create private group profiles or a collaborative account. All invited and accepted users will be able to publish content in it. Imagine it as a group chat, but it is 100% visual.

Privacy tools on Instagram as extra reinforcement

Additionally, you may need more privacy tools on Instagram. In that case, the platform offers us more options to create a more secure and comfortable experience:


It means you hide a person’s content from your feed and stories without them knowing. New stories will not appear at the top of your feed, but you can still see them if you go directly to that person’s profile. Remember that you continue to follow that person but will not see their content. However, that person will be able to see yours.


It implies that the restricted person can continue to see your posts and vice versa. Still, you will have to approve their comments manually, and the messages they send you will be received as requests. He won’t be able to see if you’re online or if you’ve read his messages.


It involves permanently cutting ties with that person. Neither of you can see the other’s posts, and he will not be able to send you comments or messages, nor will you appear in the search engine.

Make someone unfollow you

If you want a person who follows you to no longer follow you but wants to avoid a conflict, you can block and unblock that person instantly. This process forces both accounts to unfollow each other.

Hide stories

Instagram also gives the option to hide stories from certain people. It’s like ‘Mute’, but in reverse: you prevent certain people from seeing your stories. However, in this case, if they enter your profile, the coloured ring notifying new stories will not appear in your profile photo.

Additional Privacy Options

Comment options: Instagram lets you control who can comment on your posts. You can allow comments from everyone, just followers, certain people, or even no one. Additionally, you can filter offensive comments automatically.

Message control: You can decide who can send you direct messages and who can reply to your stories. This is a great way to keep conversations private and avoid unwanted messages.

Best Friend Lists: This feature allows you to share stories with a select group of people. It’s ideal for sharing content you don’t want everyone to see.

Report and help: Instagram provides reporting tools if you encounter inappropriate content or behaviour. Additionally, the platform offers resources for those who may be experiencing bullying or mental health issues.

Instagram continues to develop new tools and features to improve the user experience and provide a safe environment. From private accounts to the latest “Flipside” feature, many options are available to maintain your privacy and security online. Ultimately, how to use these tools depends on you, what you want to share, and with whom!

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