How to Create the Right Work for the Innovative Companies

How to Create the Right Work for the Innovative Companies

Today more than ever, the innovative company is an almost infallible formula to compete in today’s increasingly changing market.

It is necessary to get the maximum potential of our human team to build substantial competitive advantages. Productivity cannot grow unlimitedly outside of an innovative company, so new limits must be explored by resorting to lateral marketing to go from a simple improvement on what already exists to a radical change.

The innovative company knows how to create the right work climate to take advantage of collective intelligence as if it were a honeycomb. 

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It is much more than using information and communication technologies based on the Internet. It is a new organization where tasks and hierarchies do not follow conventional models and where innovation is based on a continuous process where:

  1. The Internet makes it easy to get the information you are looking for
  2. The information is transformed into the necessary knowledge.
  3. Knowledge is transformed into actions and results.
  4. That gives rise to new innovations at all levels.

Technology is not the basis of the innovative company, but the use is based on the previous process. Because when the technological advances of its time are incorporated, it renews its operation and improves its position in the market, which is why the innovative company creates a new way of working.

Decalogue of the innovative company

  • Involvement and commitment of the people that make up the organization, because without that, the continuous innovation process cannot be carried out.
  • Autonomy in the professional performance of each one of the workers so that they can innovate instead of following rigid procedure manuals.
  • Offer time to think about new ideas, sometimes requiring establishing scheduled stops in the activity. To avoid that, the day-to-day prevents us from spending time thinking.
  • Corporate receptivity to new ideas and initiatives, with an environment of no fear.
  • The absence of deep-rooted interpersonal conflicts eventually sediments and steals the ability to create and collaborate with others.
  • Open and fluid communication is fundamental to creating collaborative intelligence in an innovative company.
  • Generation of positive emotions at work and tasks performed by employees.
  • Easy to be able to take risks, creating an environment free of fear of error or mistake.
  • Functional dynamism to avoid falling into a routine and into a comfort zone discourages creative thinking.
  • Trust and openness among all people because the creative process starts from sharing ideas.

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