How to Add Workouts to Apple Watch Manually

How to Add Workouts to Apple Watch Manually

Apple Watch failed to save a workout. If your device ran out of battery during the workout, it may not have saved the workout correctly. You can manually add workouts in your Health app to compensate.

How to Manually Enter a Workout into Apple Watch? 

To manually record an exercise, launch the Health app on the iPhone. Then go to the Browse tab and tap the “Activity” category. To view your workouts as a graph, select ‘Workouts.’

Apple Health – View Workout Data

Press “Add data.” A form appears in the upper right corner. Use this form to enter an “activity,” such as cycling or running. You can also indicate the energy used (in kilocalories, depending on your settings) and the distance traveled.

Apple Health – Manually enter workouts

Refer to your past activity data to determine how much energy you have burned. For example, if your usual 2.5-mile hike burns 280 calories, you must double that number for a 5-mile walk. You can also use an energy calculator like this one.

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After changing the time and date, click “Add” to finish. The training session will then be added to the folder. You can see it in the Health and Fitness apps under Summary > Workouts.

Apple Fitness can see workouts added through Health.

Manually added activities show the Health app icon instead of the regular Apple Watch workout icons. When you manually add activities, Apple Watch will show Health app icons instead of Apple Watch workouts.

How to Delete Workout Data from Apple Watch 

Suppose you manually delete a workout you recorded or use your Apple Watch. In that case, you can do so easily using your iPhone’s Health or Fitness apps.

You can choose to delete an exercise entry or all data. If you delete data, it will affect your daily activity total (as well as the Move ring).

Health app: Delete workouts from the app

Then launch the Health app. Go to Browse > Activities > Workouts. Scroll down to the bottom and click “View Data.”

Apple Health – View All Data

You can find the workout you want to delete by scrolling through all saved activities.

View recorded workouts via the Health app.

To delete an entry, swipe right and tap the “Delete” button.

Health app: Delete exercise data

Fitness app: Delete workouts

Start the Fitness app, then click on the Summary tab. Click ‘Show more’ under ‘Training sessions’ to view all training sessions.

Fitness app: all workouts are accessible

Use the ‘All workouts’ button at the top right of the screen to filter the workouts you’re interested in.

Fitness app: Filter workouts in Fitness by type

Select the workout you want to delete and swipe left. Press “Delete” to delete the entry.

How to Delete an Exercise Book in the Fitness App?

Apple Watch: Workouts on Apple Watch

If you want to add workout types on the Apple Watch to the Workouts app, we can help. Launch the Workouts app on your Apple Watch and scroll down until you see the “Add Workout” button. Choose the type of activity you want to record from the list.

Apple Watch app: Types of exercises – Add them to your Apple Watch

The selected exercise appears in the list. You can remove activities that aren’t in use by swiping them to the left of the screen and tapping the red X.

If you can, always use your wristwatch when exercising.

Apple Watches are great exercise companions. The Apple Watch will help you track all your workouts. You can measure your cardiovascular Fitness, track alarming heart rate trends, and call for help in an emergency.

Apple Watch features will inspire you to stay active and improve your health.

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